An Alternate Path to Job Search Success - 5 Session Series


A 5 session series with Alex Freund

Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31 – 10 AM to 12 PM

  • Value Proposition 
  • Branding 
  • Marketing 
  • Advertising 
  • Recap & Review with mock interviews


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Consider that most job seekers begin and focus their efforts primarily on LinkedIn and resume creation and distribution. This “putting the cart before the horse” approach leads to lengthy, frustrating job searches. Think about a different approach that will yield better results faster for you.

This workshop replicates the step-by-step processes used by leading businesses in the development and launch of a new product. It delves into four key sequential stages – the value proposition, branding, marketing, and advertising – each modified for the job searcher.



This is the starting point from which all your endeavors should flow – a promise of the value you bring to an employer. This gives them a reason and justification to consider you. Presenting a clear, concise value proposition makes it easier to connect with your targets, establishes the benefits of “why you,” and is the foundation upon which communications and subsequent relationship can be developed.


Once identified and developed you can use your personal brand to generate opportunities for you rather expending energy chasing leads down dead-end roads. When you have a compelling personal brand, others find you attractive, interesting and wanted. They are also more willing to connect with and help you for potentially mutual benefit. Building a brand can take time, but there are things you can do now to develop your brand.


Once your value proposition and brand are defined, now what? You know it takes more than skills and experience to secure the job – it takes marketing too. Marketing is at the heart of every job search and is defined as the process of educating buyers why they should choose you over your competitors. This session examines how to increase your odds of success by examining different marketing aspects and best practices.


Advertising is about getting people’s attention. It is an efficient way to introduce yourself to potential employers on a broad scale enabling you to reach targeted and niche audiences. It enables you to penetrate a particular company or industry. And, personal advertising can expand your net of opportunity and market value.


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Known as “The Landing Expert,” Alex Freund helps his clients land new positions and get promotions through effective interviewing. As a former director at Honeywell, Sanofi and Tyco International, Alex is an experienced hiring manager.

Currently, Alex is a career coach, specializing in helping his clients improve their interviewing skills and making them confident and comfortable throughout the interviewing process. For the last 13 years, Alex has helped more than 900 clients ranging from managers to CEOs in a variety of industries.

Alex is volunteering in several job-search networking groups where he is an occasional presenter. He conducts workshops on interviewing, resumes, LinkedIn, Value Proposition, Personal Branding and alike in addition to weekly publishing a blog written specifically for job seekers. His blogs are posted on many LinkedIn groups, appeared in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider.

For over eight years, Alex has been teaching a course for people in transition via the Princeton Adult School and publishes The Landing Expert List, a free directory of job-search networking groups via his website at

Alex is a Cornell University graduate and speaks five languages.

Alex Freund