LinkedIn Tips


  • Be sure to create a Value Proposition Statement in your header (what makes you great)
  • Typical Formula: I do _____ to help ________ through/by _________
  • Example: Transforming the Way My Clients Grow Their Business Through Social Selling


  • Find jobs you want and answer the questions in the description to help you write your summary
  • Add your email and phone number so people can contact you


  • Looks for skills on job postings and add them to your profile, get others to endorse you
  • The more endorsers the better, helps with impressions!

Advanced Search

  • Utilize this feature to search for connections at a particular company. See what connections you have in common with current employees and ask them to introduce you
  • Save advanced searches for future use


  • Say Happy Birthday to Connections (keeps you in their mind)
  • Add tags and reminders to Connections
  • Do two coffee meetings a week
  • Go to “Who’s View My Profile” to see who is looking at you. If you don’t know them ask how they found you (strike up a conversation)
  • Reach out to 1-3 recruiters a week
  • If you don’t know someone and want to connect select that you know them from a position and not under the generic “friend”