Nonprofit Career Network

Nonprofit Career NetworkN Philly

Welcome to NCNPhilly, the nonprofit career focused chapter of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group.


NCNPhilly has gone through a rebrand from Nonprofit Consultants Network Philly to Nonprofit Career Network Philly to take advantage of the larger membership base and greater outreach.


This chapter brings together those who are currently consulting to nonprofits, work for nonprofits, have an interest in nonprofits, or want to learn more about them for the purpose of professional development, networking, and/or collegiality.


This chapter moves around the region at various locations with 9 monthly meetings that include:

  • Open discussions addressing questions from individuals participants about business issues
  • Pro-bono consultations with staff and board members of nonprofit organizations


Professional development sessions address:

  • Issues relevant to running a consulting practice as a solo practitioner
  • Best practices in charitable nonprofit organizations
  • Nonprofit topics for a greater depth of knowledge on the subject matter
  • How to start a nonprofit


Social events include:

  • Holiday breakfast
  • Summer coffee break
  • Summer social happy hour
  • Joint holiday socials mingling with the entire organization


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Also RSVP to the events on the meetup (once you have joined) – see calendar